The Process


Build the Plan


All our clients begin their relationship with us with a comprehensive interview to review their current financial situation and clarify their financial goals.

In addition to understanding how our clients have invested in the past, it is important for us to understand what improvements they are looking for as we build a new relationship. We believe that financial planning is a process that must take into account qualitative as well as quantitative factors. We call this our "sleep test." The recommendations we make to our clients must allow them to sleep at night knowing that we are not taking risks that are outside of our tolerance level. After the initial interview, we confer to create a plan that should allow our clients to pursue their goals without taking unnecessary risks. This plan is presented within two weeks of the initial meeting.


Execute the plan


After a thorough plan has been agreed upon, the next step of the process is the implementation and execution of the plan.

This is where our guidance sets us apart. As independent financial professionals, we are free to offer our clients access to the products and services that are truly best for them. We are not driven by sales quotas or contests—only by the desire to help our clients make their dreams a reality.


Achieve and repeat


Finally, we consider ourselves responsible for providing ongoing monitoring and service to our clients that ensures they are on track to achieve their financial goals.

If changes need to be made, we suggest them. If we believe there are opportunities or potential problems, we alert you. We also take pride in attempting to provide tax-efficient asset management. We know how hard our clients work for their money and we consider it our job to help them keep as much as possible.